The internet is too much for meh




Reblog if they changed your life

I dont think anyone can realize how much The creatures have changed my life, even saved it. The Creatures are to best thing Known to man ( Besides internet). I love The Creatures, and everything they do. Just uploading Random videos, can change someones life. Thanks Creatures.

Id say that these dumbs dern sure have changed my life. We are a bunch of complete weirdos

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I sure I’m not the only one who thinks that this year has been a really long and hard year for The Creatures and the fandom. But this post was not made to focus on these hard things, it was made to show how beautiful and amazing your smile is! Look at this as a “Thank You" letter. Thank you for all of your time, for all the content, for all the laughs, for your hugs, for all the work that you guys put into your stuff, for sharing your personality with us, for making our days and nights better! And yes, this year was hard but hey! It was good too! We have the Creature Office now, CT has passed episode 100, TR4PVILLE, big charity events, Dex joined The Creatures, the Road Trip, anyway, a LOT of great moments and I’m sure we’re gonna have even more of them! And they all happened because of you guys. So thank you so much! You’re all lovely and you guys deserve only the best! I’m sorry for the bad things that has happened to you guys, but we, as a family, are here for you. We’ll help you just like you guys help us. We support you and your decisions, we love you all. No exceptions! 

                         THANK YOU! and keep on smiling!

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